Bass Is High

This week’s effort, “Bass Is High“, will be heard by some of you as a summer wipeout, a midsummer night’s scream, a palette cleanser. But not like lemon sorbet would be a palette cleanser… more like a handful of dirt. To understand this song properly, however, you must hear it as a tribute to Baby … Continue reading


With “Positivism“, I’m attempting a musical-theatre number, with lyrics in the Cole Porter vein (minus the cleverness). In my maudlin imaginary musical, the romantic lead, a drunk and sad-sack loser, is trying to come to grips with whether he’ll ever know anything for sure. The song’s title comes from the philosophy of logical positivism, which … Continue reading

The Swede

This week’s song, “The Swede”, does indeed take its name from the main character of Philip Roth’s “American Pastoral” (highly recommended). Without giving too much away, I’ll drop some plot: The Swede grows up as a Jew in postwar New Jersey, where his athletic and social gifts allow him to assimilate into Gentile society. So … Continue reading

I Hope She Won’t Let Me

“I Hope She Won’t Let Me” is my attempt to put my own twist on a classic form: the 6/8 laid-back soul number. The 6/8 time signature (for all you non-musicians, this means six quick beats per measure) has always been controversial within Baby Teeth, since Jim has consistently advocated against our performing anything in … Continue reading

Child Actor

I see this song as a cousin to a song on the Baby Teeth EP “For the Heathers” called “Heather via PS”. Both songs are about formerly glamorous characters who now find themselves in the ol’ hospital bed. In “Heather Via PS”, it’s the junkie girlfriend, but in “Child Actor,” it’s you, the protagonist, the … Continue reading