Steve and George

This week’s song, “Steve and George“, has been running through my head for months now, and while this version is probably not definitive, it at least gets the song out in some form. I initially perceived it as a grand, hyper-produced affair, but due to time limitations, it became what we in the biz call … Continue reading

As Is

This week’s song, “As Is“, is different from the rest.  It’s almost entirely instrumental… yes, I very nearly succeeded in “shutting my stinking trap” for a full tune. Why? Well… first of all, I’ve always had a hard time writing love songs, and as this is one, I trusted my music-making instincts more than my … Continue reading

The Organ-Grinder

I really do crack myself up sometimes. I go and start this blog, announcing to all comers that I plan to post a new song every week, while I conveniently forget that, for weeks at a time, I avoid home-recording like the plague, considering it the last way I’d choose to spend my free time. … Continue reading

The Accomodator

This week’s track, “The Accomodator“, represents another “one from the vault”. It’s actually from last year. I’ve always been intrigued by 80s tracks that are sonically paranoid, even though they might have a banal or sentimental lyric: Don Henley’s “Boys of Summer”, or Corey Hart’s “Sunglasses at Night”. Actually, scratch that second one: now I’m … Continue reading

Hustle Beach

Here are some facts either directly or loosely connected to this week’s song, “Hustle Beach“: 1. Thanks to my pal Ron Warner, this track represents my boldest step yet into the world of MIDI recording, in which you record not sounds, but rather data that you can manipulate to your heart’s content as the days … Continue reading