The Accomodator

This week’s track, “The Accomodator“, represents another “one from the vault”. It’s actually from last year. I’ve always been intrigued by 80s tracks that are sonically paranoid, even though they might have a banal or sentimental lyric: Don Henley’s “Boys of Summer”, or Corey Hart’s “Sunglasses at Night”. Actually, scratch that second one: now I’m watching the video for “Sunglasses at Night,” and it is way more paranoid — both the song and the video — than I remember from my youth. So I guess my point is a little spoiled…. but anyway, I’m shooting for the same kind of synth-string driven paranoid anthem, in which the protagonist finds himself in some kind of quasi-fascist state, either politically or domestically. This is a song that Baby Teeth have messed with but haven’t really come to any decision upon. Kiss it or diss it?

And here’s another question: What do you think of Aimee Mann? We recently got her album “Bachelor No. 2,” and I’m kind of baffled by it… I completely respect the craftsmanship of everything she does, both lyrically and musically, and yet I can’t help feeling like I’m the victim of some L.A. production scam, wherein I’ve been target-marketed as most likely to succumb to certain musical and lyrical tropes. Every chorus is either 4-1-5, or 1-5-4, or some other combination of the digits of the San Francisco area code, and yet it’s so right that I can’t just intellectualize it away. To borrow Aimee’s own phrase, “At least you know / You were taken by a pro.” Indeed.

6 Responses to “The Accomodator”
  1. Judah says:

    Re: Aimee Mann, I have that record; actually, it’s the only record of hers that I own. For a long time, she was in the substantial category of musicians-I-admire-but-I’m-not-sure-which-record-to-buy. I probably put “Bachelor No. 2” on once or twice a year, have a couple of songs on my iPod, and I enjoy what I hear. I like her voice, her cynical-but-smiling vibe, the Beatles influence, the Jon Brion sound. But what gets me is that there’s no one song I adore or deeply connect with, nor do I feel especially satisfied or moved by the record as a whole.

    For me, “Bachelor No. 2” is like a meal that’s supposed to be very good, and for all intents and purposes it is, but every time someone asks “how is it?” you kind of feel like it’s too early to tell — it seems to be good and possibly even getting better as it goes along, but you’re just not ready to say you love it. You keep waiting for something in particular or the overall effect to push it over the top, but it never quite happens (which in turn makes something perfectly good slightly disappointing).

    Perhaps we should start a group called Musicians Who Admire But Are Mildly Puzzled By Aimee Mann? Please help us. No insight is too small.

  2. Abraham says:

    EXCELLENT analysis…. beyond excellent. yes, that’s it! that’s it! “no insight is too small”…. I love it.

  3. will says:

    hi. sorry i’m behind a song. moved last week and feelin a lil’ worn physically and mentally. well, a fine welcome back to the pulse of the world around us…”the accomodator”! like the motivation behind the idea and i like the song. definitely has that synth-driven paranoia that was so well realized in the ’80’s—eurythmics are the most obvious to come to mind. like the rhodes—works well against the chorusy/reverb strings. lyrically, 2 words pop at the beginning of the song to give it that “paranoid” feel, “quarantined” and “phoney’. nice word choices to support the feel of the music. i really like the vocal melody for both the verse and chorus—they feel natural. especially like the way yer voice tails off during the verse. at times yer a bit wordy w/ this one. an observation coming off of last weeks new lyrical approach(i know this is an older song) it’s a simple and effective song that i’d like to hear after the BABY TEETH treatment. i’d like the tempo brought up a bit and jims bass to add some edge. it’s quite a groovy song. i think it would be a definite crowd pleaser. interested to hear yer next NEW song so that i can listen to how yer new approach to the lyrics is working. so, final answer: “THE ACCOMODATOR”===KISS IT! an edgy bassline and slightly faster tempo will make ‘er a live hit. current joy:the move. bye!

  4. Abraham says:

    thanks will! yes, the eurythmics… how could I forget the prime purveyors of 80s paranoia? especially the great “love is a stranger”, which we used to cover in the bobby conn crew. I should say…. this song definitely did not get run through my new lyrical strainer… i.e., I don’t really know what all these lyrics mean exactly. but, I was deliberately trying to over-stuff the song with syllables…. I’ve always liked the tumbling-syllable effect for rhythmic reasons. thanks as always for such a thoughtful listen, especially after a moving (one of my least favorite activities).

  5. Peter says:

    I’m still in favor of giving this one a try. Always been one of my favorite demos.

  6. Abraham says:

    good to hear….

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