First off, many apologies for being upwards of 12 hours late on this week’s post. I was overwhelmed by a surge of tryptophan that sent me bedwards last night, even as I was struggling towards my beloved computer terminal, BW12-87. Good ol’ BW12-87, she waited for me all night and is still in a charitable … Continue reading

Fool for You

OK, by popular demand, I am posting a cover this week: my version of “Fool for You“, by Chicago’s own Curtis Mayfield and the Impressions. I whipped this up in October of last year in advance of the wedding of our friends Jocelyn and Erik, who were kind enough to fly Baby Teeth out to … Continue reading

The Last One

No, come on now, don’t get upset. Just because I post a song called “The Last One” doesn’t mean I’m actually hanging up this whole blog thing. It’s just a song title, that’s all. I should say this, though: I’m hereby officially abandoning even the thought that there will be a freshly-created song each week. … Continue reading

One of a Kind

“One of a Kind” was recorded about a year ago. I note this for a couple reasons: first, as a confession that I didn’t generate any new product this week, and second, as a matter of self-defense; while I am certainly a dork in many ways, I actually wrote the lyric “I write in my … Continue reading