Show Me

Here’s a holiday treat for one and all: a video. Yes, that’s right! It’s like a song, but with moving pictures. You might know it as a “movie” or a “talkie”. Appropriately, I’m covering a song called “Show Me”, by the great Joe Tex, Mr. Skinny-Legs-and-All himself. This video was recorded last July, when I … Continue reading

Lie Detection

Anyone remember (from a few months back) my tale of writing two songs at once, one of them taking hours of blood, sweat, and melodrama, and the other being tossed off in fifteen minutes? Hey, is this thing on?  Well, just as a refresher: The first song (the one that took all that time) was … Continue reading

Line Check

Here is a song called “Line Check“, which seems to me now like it’s about impatience. Seeking the goal too quickly and not watching the scenery. It’s a couple years old and was not too much of a hit with Baby Teeth, largely because its parts don’t really hang together. But then again, the members … Continue reading