I should have left a note.

Gentle reader,

I wanted to take this holiday opportunity to tell you that everything is fine, just fine.  I miss you terribly and have not forgotten about our special relationship.  Baby Teeth have been on the road a bit, plus I’ve been spending some time with the family, buying a new mattress, and generally doing all sorts of patriotic malarkey.

Regular service will resume on Monday…. you have my word of honour!

Love and happiness  from Abraham.

8 Responses to “I should have left a note.”
  1. The Bubble King says:

    So, will you cram in extra tracks in an upcoming week, or will 52 Teeth simply run longer than a year?!?

  2. I almost bought a new mattress the other day, but then I got one for GRATIS! It is difficult to put a full-size mattress on a loft bed solo-style, though.

    I got THE SIMP for Xmas from the Bubble King, so I’ve had that to tide me over in your OTHERWISE UNFORGIVABLE ABSENCE!

    Do you mind if we get your word of HONOR in addition to the word of HONOUR you’ve already offered?

  3. Abraham says:

    bb king: you’ll definitely get the full 52 tracks. maybe it’ll take 54 weeks?

    pan mast: that is terrific! happy mattressing. it’s so much fun. as for my word of honor… I’m sorry; I only make promises in british.

  4. That is no good. I have known too many British!

  5. Cameron says:

    Hey Abraham, just wanted to ask a question and didn’t know where would be the best place to ask.

    Anyways, have you checked out the new music site http://www.thesixtyone.com? It is this music social network which is getting pretty popular. I would love to see some baby teeth tracks on the site and I would love to spend my points for the site on your songs.

    Keep up the great work, hope to see you back at Valpo next year.


  6. Abraham says:

    hey cameron,

    thanks so much for the tip! I just checked out the sixty-one website and it looks very cool. getting baby teeth into the twenty-first century can be a tricky thing sometimes, so thanks again for letting us know about this. hope to see you again soon.

  7. Judah says:


    …actually, it’s pretty exciting. It’s like that episode of “24” when Jack Bauer had only one hour to write, record, and post a really good song to the CTU blog.

    I’ll check back for your song right around when they’re casting their votes in Dixville Notch, NH.

  8. Abraham says:

    yes, I love creating artificial excitement. thanks again, internet!!! and yeah, I stole the whole idea from jack bauer’s song-blog. which I really like, by the way, although the whole Cure influence runs a bit too strong, don’t you think?

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