Last weekend, Lara awoke with a melody in her head that would not leave her alone. It was very catchy… dangerously so. Too dangerous to reveal here. The words were, “I’m not crazy / something something something / I’m just obsessed with you.” Anyway, we were sitting around toying with that melody, stretching it out, … Continue reading

Empty Frames

Well, even though this is song #37 (I think) in this project, it’s week two as far as I’m concerned… my second week of trying to keep my songwriting straight down the middle. So far, it’s been a blast, even if it’s surprisingly hard work. Not that surprising, I guess — maybe it’s always easier … Continue reading

Media Memory

Well, there were a lot of ideas running through the conception and recording of this week’s selection, “Media Memory.” I am a tired man, but I will try to do them justice. Those of you who know me personally know that, in my heart, I am hardly an indie dude. I’ve always loved big, mainstream, … Continue reading

Slave to Efficiency

Gentle reader, this post shall not tarry in any way, for I am fatigued. Here is a new song called “Slave to Efficiency“. It’s another “work song”, in the style of “Hustle Beach”, dealing with the chutes and ladders of the obsession with labor. I opted for an industrial-lite sound that I hope takes you … Continue reading