Alison Lay Down

This week’s post, “Alison Lay Down,” was lots of fun to make. Whether it’s any good is up to you to report. (And I’m not fishing for compliments, incidentally… honesty will do just fine!) It’s basically just a tribute to all of my old soul heroes, whom you could list off as well as I, so I won’t bother. Concerning less obvious influences… I would say that there’s a touch of “Sweet Sweet” by the Smashing Pumpkins in there too. It’s another song in 6/8, which you already know I have hang-ups about. Then again, you liked the last one (“I Hope She Won’t Let Me”), so it’s worth spinning the wheel again I guess.

I’m on a bit of cold medicine right now, so I’ll keep this short and just say, this post is brought to you by pink unicorns and piping-hot Pop Tarts. Cherries, everyone!

9 Responses to “Alison Lay Down”
  1. What allure does the name “Alison” (and “Allison” and any other phonetic variation) hold for the pop-songwriting world, I wonder?

    I guess it’s no more ubiquitous than a slew of other names, though.

    This song coulda been on TALKING BOOK, easy. Smoove.

  2. Abraham says:

    Thanks my man. Talking Book is a fine record indeed. I think that the name “Alison” is great because of its tri-syllabic nature, and because it doesn’t have strong class affiliations… it’s pretty universal. Plus it’s Lara’s middle name, so there’s some added cachet for ya.

  3. I guess “Allison/Alison” also rhymes with a lot of words. Off the top of my head I name the Pixies, Elvis Costello, the Gin Blossoms, and the Lemonheads as perpetrators of the “Allison/Alison” anomaly.

    I listened to TALKING BOOK again today to make sure I wasn’t way out of line with that comment, and ultimately I stand by it. Bonus!

  4. KatiaSilver says:

    I suppose I’m a sucker for this kinda stuff. I loved “I Hope She Won’t Let Me” and this one is sweet and sad, too. I imagine a lovely slow dance, under a spinning disco ball. I think there’s hope for Allison.
    Also, this discussion reminds me of Lara’s high school sweater with L.A.M. embroidered on its pocket. An ugly green sweater.
    A little lamb.

  5. Abraham says:

    P M S: That’s quite an impressive list of perps. Thanks for listening to Talking Book again to verify. I have always admired your assiduous research technique.

    Kat Sil: This one is definitely broadcasting from Slow Dance Central. In fact, I think it’s too slow. Must’ve been the cold medicine. How come I’ve never seen this awesome sweater???

  6. KatiaSilver says:

    It’s a uniform sweater. We all had one. Dreadful old things. It’s likely that she burned it. I still have mine.
    As for the music- is it too slow? Maybe…but I like that it’s slow-er.
    Maybe you can just turn the dial a little to the right?

  7. Abraham says:

    There actually really are audio-recording programs where you can just turn the dial to the right and make the whole track a little faster. Unfortunately ProTools isn’t one of them. At least I don’t think it is. Only the Bubble King could deliver a final verdict though.

  8. The Bubble King says:

    Actually sir there are various measures you can take in Pro Tools. And in Pro Tools 7.4, it’s even easier.

  9. Abraham says:

    Ah… I had a sneaking feeling that I was speaking out of ignorance on that one!

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