You would not be out of line in considering “Calculators” a loving tribute to the Brothers Gibb, mixed with a tablespoonful of Blackstreet. To me, it belongs to the same family as some older songs on this blog like “Kathleen” or “I Do Little Things,” i.e., genre exercises that allow for a lot of lyrical … Continue reading

A Weekend at Home

A busy weekend coming up for yours truly… most of it will be spent at a family wedding. So what better occasion to post one from the vault, specifically one that includes the lyrics, “There’s one more wedding to which you’re supposed to go”? This one, another refugee from the Speak, Memory sessions, is one … Continue reading

Lose My Head

Here’s “Lose My Head,” a slice of purely disposable pop for all you now people out there. While I was intending this track to welcome in the season of top-down joyriding, I conveniently forgot that I live in Chicago. So, even though this weekend’s temperatures hung slump-shouldered in the rainy thirties, we move ahead with … Continue reading