A Weekend at Home

A busy weekend coming up for yours truly… most of it will be spent at a family wedding. So what better occasion to post one from the vault, specifically one that includes the lyrics, “There’s one more wedding to which you’re supposed to go”? This one, another refugee from the Speak, Memory sessions, is one of my favorite tracks in my whole oeuvre (French for “egg collection”). And now it is yours: “A Weekend at Home.”

Way, way back in 2004, there were few albums I listened to more, or with more relish, than Daft Punk’s Discovery. (Thanks to the great Brian Bosworth for turning me on to it.) The notion of making music that was club-friendly yet melodically complex was extremely attractive; it was likely the idea I was chasing in pursuing a solo album to begin with. This track, featuring some hot Afropop guitar-picking by “Hot” Carl Lowendorf, is what I’d consider my most successful realization of this idea. Interestingly, I wrote it with one finger. Hey, get your mind out of the gutter and give me a chance to explain. I allowed myself to play the keyboard with one finger only, simulating a crude synth-bass. If that bassline, plus a vocal melody, couldn’t carry the tune, then I wasn’t interested in it. It’s the kind of compositional limitation that always yields good results. (More recently, I’ve been composing all my songs a cappella — with no instrumental accompaniment whatsoever. I do love straitjackets.)

Lyrically, I was trying to convey a pretty universal feeling: returning to the home you grew up in, and trying to resolve the person you were with the person you’ve become. Despite the bravado of the lead vocal, there’s a lot of fear and anguish in trying to rectify all those identities. This clown is crying on the inside!

Finally, this track continues in the tradition of Speak, Memory songs that reference the oldies: the coda section quotes from “Walk Away Renee” by the Left Banke. I should also note here a correction to my “Bad Weather” post: my dad pointed out that the U.S. hit version of “I Will Follow Him” was performed by Little Peggy March, not Petula Clark, as I had erroneously stated. See what you can learn from a weekend at home?

8 Responses to “A Weekend at Home”
  1. karuben says:

    I hope it’s okay that I post an off topic question here.
    I bought The Simp off emusic, and enjoyed it immensely – so much so that I’m considering buying it twice! Did you happen to include lyrics in the CD booklet?

  2. Oh man I did not catch that Petula Clark reference my first time through or I would have said something for sure–maybe I glossed over it in favor of the Queen reference just afterward. I used to incorporate this medley of EMF’s “Unbelievable” and Petula Clark’s “Downtown” into my live sets, and YouTube will decidedly corroborate that if you wish it to do so.

    Hot Carl’s guitar-picking (and let’s take a moment to hope that the Yahoo! and Google robots pick up on this sentence-opening phrase) makes me happy. The identifiability of notions expressed in the lyrics are, for me, matched only by the contagious melodies and, dare I say epic, arrangements. Choice work here, hombre loco.

  3. And “karuben,” let me speak on behalf of everyone when I say that goinb off-topic is not permitted here. Just read this:


    Also to the fine proprietor of this blarg, I present this mediocre picture:

    Salon Miniscule 08/24/07 - #2


  4. Abraham says:

    Karuben: Sorry for the delay! I’m so glad you’re enjoying “The Simp”! I think it’s pretty good too, although I think our next one will be better. But yes, I am TOTALLY in favor of your buying it twice. The booklet does indeed include all the lyrics. You can order it from our label’s website, lujorecords.com. Come back and visit the ol’ blog sometime!

    P M S: Thank you so much! And nice work on churning out a very cool critique of the song that included not a single reference to another musical entity! You have achieved Pancake Master Mach Two. The pic is beautiful. I’m getting tipsy just looking at it.

  5. I have one or two others (pictures) from that same performance and if you’re interested I can send them along like whoah!

  6. Judah says:

    Awwwwwwwwwww, shit. This kicks ass. You’re going to have to finish this album one of these days. Or put this out on an EP of club mixes.

  7. Judah says:

    Is the iallusion to Prince’s “Kiss” in the intro deliberate?

  8. Abraham says:

    Thanks my man. Yeah, I really love this track and hope it finds a home eventually. Preferably when the market demands it! And no… the allusion to “Kiss” is totally unintentional, but I definitely hear it. Good catch!

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