Record Company Man

This week brings us Part Two of our Pearly Sweets and the Platonics retrospective. At this point, the band was relocated to Chicago, and the lineup now featured Lance “Chance” Fabuloso (né Carl Lowendorf) on guitar, Stave Davidson (né Ben Schultz) on bass, and the ever-steady Brian Bosworth (né Brian Bosworth) on drums. “Record Company … Continue reading

Hot Potato Jr.

This week we hop back into the Delorean and travel to the year 1999, where we find my college band, Pearly Sweets and the Platonics, diligently recording our full-length album, Pick Yourself Up. In order to give the album a manly total of fifteen tracks, I supplement the full-band tracks with a few piano-and-vocal numbers. … Continue reading

The Part You Play

Greetings dudes, and sorry for the late post. Here’s a new song for you, tentatively titled “The Part You Play.” Lyrically, it falls well within my recurring motif of songs about showbiz/Hollywood/actresses (viz. “Celebrity Wedding,” “End of Actress,” “Bad Weather”). The opening couplet, a reworking of the opening line of “You’re So Vain,” was inspired … Continue reading

Good Gravy!

Yah! I completely spaced on doing a post for this week. As Fishbone once mused, “Am I going crazy, or is it just the world around me?” Please forgive my lackluster performance…. I am currently a bit swamped, or as Jefferson Starship might remark, I’m knee deep in the hoopla. Regular service will resume next … Continue reading