Good Gravy!

Yah! I completely spaced on doing a post for this week. As Fishbone once mused, “Am I going crazy, or is it just the world around me?” Please forgive my lackluster performance…. I am currently a bit swamped, or as Jefferson Starship might remark, I’m knee deep in the hoopla. Regular service will resume next Monday.

In the meantime, seeing as we’re coming up on the one-year mark, let’s make this a career retrospective week. Comments are welcome on one or both of the following questions: Which is your favorite song posted on “52 Teeth” so far this year? Which is the biggest turkey?

10 Responses to “Good Gravy!”
  1. Lara says:

    Yeah, right. This is like when TV shows have a best-of episode– you know, when Alex P. Keaton and Skippy or whoever are sitting at a table, reminiscing, and then you get a bunch of scenes from episodes you already know…and then you change the channel. JUST KIDDING! You’ve had a humdinger of a week, I know.
    MY FAV SONG: Let it Roll (right now)
    MY FAV POSTING: Shrine, when Jim mistook “air” for “e’er”

    TURKEY: I Need Love by MC Beth. (What a poseur!)
    TURKEY #2: The end of Indian River (Who is that tone-deaf SOB?)

  2. The Bubble King says:

    Oh an interesting proposition! I will have to deliberate and get back to you.

  3. KatiaSilver says:

    Well, I told you this in person, man, but I’ll tell you in this world as well:
    My fave – I Hope She Won’t Let Me
    My not fave – really, dude, I don’t know. I’d have to go back and do some serious research. I’m not sure you realized how heavy of a request that was. At least for someone like me.

    I guess I’ll just pay close attention to the show tonight. Then I’ll tell ya to yer face!

  4. Really? Of The Day says:

    Very crafty, Abraham. An entry that minimizes the work you have to do, and maximizes the work your loyal readership has to do! ALL THE SAME what we have here, is an interesting proposition. Like the Bubble King, I am, at present, still deliberating. I must (re-)peruse the tracks at some length before arriving on a solid answer to your query, but I do believe one shall be forthcoming.

  5. Oops, “Really? Of The Day” is me. A pox on the WordPress login/logout/access/commenting system.

  6. Abraham says:

    Ara-Lai: I’ve gotta agree with you on almost all points. The motivation behind the “best-of” episode is no joke… I’m sure it was a result of writers’ block in the Alex P. Keaton days. That being said, I must make an exception for my all-time favorite sitcom, The Golden Girls, which used flashbacks in almost every episode, and always to brilliant and hilarious effect.

    Kat Sil: Thanks for the feedback. It looks like this blog has been distinctly “front-loaded.”
    Still waiting to hear what the stinkiest stinker has been….

    P M S: Thank you. I trust that, for both you and B B King, this is a process of the utmost seriousness, and I respect your dedication to the craft and the according time outlay required. I’m also disappointed, since “Really? Of the Day” has a really nice 90s-band-name vibe about it that I was really(?) getting into… You should use it more often.

  7. Judah says:

    As I told you, I was short on disk space for awhile and only holding onto my canon o’ tracks, so I don’t have a “worst.” Best: “I hope she won’t let me.” I may return with some honorable mentions.

    Remember the very special two-part Family Ties where Alex’s friend dies in a car accident? The whole thing was just Alex in a black-box theatre-type space talking to the disembodied voice of a therapist, with various family members and friends making appearances. His friend also loved the Doors, so there’s a whole bit where he rocks out to “Light my fire.” Very strange.

    As you know, we share a passion for the four old ladies out on the lenai — but I don’t remember a lot of flashbacks, except when Sophia told “Picture It: Sicily…” stories. (There’s your next album title, btw, ellipsis and all.)

  8. The Bubble King says:

    Ok, sitting down to listen and think about the various merits of these tunes now. I’ll probably e-mail you with my thoughts.

    But I wanted to point out that in order for you to have posted 52 songs for the first 52 weeks of this thing, you gotta post that 52nd track this Monday, June 16. Right now we stand at 48 Teeth. So I guess you gotta pick from one of these things:

    – Post 4 tracks on Monday (the vault?).
    – Change the name to 49 Teeth.
    – Give up the idea that the one year anniversary means anything!


  9. Yo Babe-raham, I am still trying to formulate something to post here. As you know I came into the 52-Teeth game relatively late, so I am not only having to go back and hear the teeth I already know and/or love, but also to check out a whole slew of teeth that I never know’d to exist. Yikes-a-roonie! Like, this “I Hope She Won’t Let Me” song that no fewer than two people had already chosen as their favorite? Definitely never heard that before.

    I need to find the Bubble King on instant messenger so he can send me the whole enchilada of songs and save me the hassle of having to download them one by one, so I can peruse them while not necessarily using the computer.

  10. Abraham says:

    Judah: I vaguely remember the Family Ties episode of which you speak, but based on that description I am aching to see it again. It sounds like a total home run… a real two-Kleenex-box affair. Hm… I seem to remember the GG’s having lots of flashbacks, even aside from the “Picture it… Sicily…” moments. I will have to break down and buy all the seasons on Amazon to settle this.

    B B King: Looks like, by default, I ended up choosing Door Number Three.

    P M S: I will await your verdict, my friend!!

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