Free Pass #1

Hello 52 Teeth Nation —

With prodigious sobs and self-deprecating shudders, I hereby announce my failure to carve out recording time this week.  I have learned a powerful lesson, which is the following: Do not expect to get anything done if you plan on doing it after work on Sunday night, before you go to bed, especially if you are likely to be distracted by some well-placed trash TV called “Grammy’s” (congrats, T-Sweezy!).

In place of a new song, I hereby offer you my shopping list from tonight’s trip to Jewel-Osco: half-gallon of 2% milk, sliced turkey, Oral-B replacement toothbrush heads (for my battery-powered toothbrush), self-adhesive security envelopes, one box Kashi wheat flakes cereal.  And yes, I used the self-checkout aisle.  I hope this serves as the same revealing look into my psyche that a new song would have been.

3 Responses to “Free Pass #1”
  1. Emilie says:

    And HOW!

  2. Saint-Aubini says:

    You think Bernie Taupin is taking the week off! Get it together son.

  3. Abraham says:

    It’s really despicable. I was been having trouble looking myself in the mirror. But then I remembered…. Bernie Taupin’s in the Cayman Islands this week, at an all-inclusive resort. Then I felt better.

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