“Betcha” is another attempt to wrap my gawky arms around that slippery ideal, American roots rock-n-roll.  Running down a dream, if you will.  Here are some possible influences: Tom Petty (very likely), Lucinda Williams, Dylan (at least as far as my weird vowel pronunciations are concerned), Sheryl Crow (for straight-aheaditude), and Richard and Linda Thompson’s … Continue reading

Money (John Mayer Hotel Room Theme)

For maximum impact, read the full post and then click the link: “Money” is another song (like “Cereal and Beer”) that came to me in a dream, and quite a strange dream at that.  I was hanging out with John Mayer in his hotel room.  In real life I dislike John Mayer, but in this … Continue reading

Life Is Wide

This week’s song, “Life Is Wide,” is a good hardworking song, not trying to get uppity or too big for its britches.  The title is a nod to Big Star’s “Life Is White.”  (Yes, that’s two Big Star shout-outs in two weeks.)  Don’t know how much the two songs have in common, aside from inscrutable … Continue reading

I Tried to Look Away

I’ve gotta say that I laughed more while working on “I Tried to Look Away” than I have for any other song in 52 Teeth history.  It totally turned on me!  No matter what I tried to add, it just kept getting worse and worse.  It must be some kind of titular curse, because the … Continue reading