Money (John Mayer Hotel Room Theme)

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Money” is another song (like “Cereal and Beer”) that came to me in a dream, and quite a strange dream at that.  I was hanging out with John Mayer in his hotel room.  In real life I dislike John Mayer, but in this dream I was shamelessly obsequious towards him, agreeing with everything he said and reassuring him that he was an outstanding talent.  “What’d you think of my Rolling Stone interview?” he asked.  I responded, “Oh man, it was amazing.  I wish every celebrity were as open and revealing as you are.”  My brother was also in the room, but he was playing it cool.

After some time, JM became bored by my Smithers-like sycophancy.  He offered me a stick of gum (which I accepted of course) and exited, shirtless, to pursue a female.  After he left, some wide-eyed fans appeared at the door, taking in the scene and saying, “Wow, I bet everybody’s been here.”  I looked up from tying my shoes and with great hidden reserves of meaning said, “You got that right.”  At that point, as if on cue, JM’s iPod speakers began playing some vintage Jimmy Cliff/Horace Andy-style reggae.

I woke up and thought, “Wow, what an embarrassing dream.”  But my second thought was, “Hey, I don’t think that reggae song actually exists.”

7 Responses to “Money (John Mayer Hotel Room Theme)”
  1. Oh man this one sounds like an undersea party waiting to happen…under the CARIBBEAN sea, of course. Is there a second vocalist in there, or is that just you times two? (Or equally likely, are my ears just playing tricks on me?)

  2. B. Berkowitz says:

    This should be the first-half fakeout of a longer song (see: “Wrong ‘Em Boyo”)!

  3. Abraham says:

    P M S: I doubled the lead vocal with a second track showcasing the classic Garageband “helium” effect. I think I also used this same trick with “Angry Young Machines” a few weeks back.

    B B: TOTALLY! I am on your wavelength here. Much like Mark Texiera was on Cole Hamels’s wavelength earlier this afternoon.

  4. B. Berkowitz says:

    OK, easy there, buster

  5. Will says:

    So, the sports reference is sadly lost on a geezer like myself. But, if I were a bettin; man, I’d say this is by far the oddest bit of musical song sound that I’ve heard in a minute. These are the echos within the cotton fabric of JM’s fruit o’ the looms as he achieves a chubby at the sight of some uber-tan, fake-boobed Hollywood waitress…(AKA the next big starlett….) Eric Roberts co-star anyone?

  6. Abraham says:

    Now ODD, this is something I can pull off. (Of course, this was my effort to write a “straightforward” reggae tune…) I like your description. Tres bien!

  7. travel says:

    This one is a real beuaty, it definetly sounds like an undersea party happening

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