Betcha” is another attempt to wrap my gawky arms around that slippery ideal, American roots rock-n-roll.  Running down a dream, if you will.  Here are some possible influences: Tom Petty (very likely), Lucinda Williams, Dylan (at least as far as my weird vowel pronunciations are concerned), Sheryl Crow (for straight-aheaditude), and Richard and Linda Thompson’s “Wall of Death,” the apotheosis of mainstream rock mixed with a hint of the perverse.  Lara credited me with summoning up some David Berman style here too, but I think that’s just a generous wife’s perspective.  His lyrics would’ve been a lot better at least.

I had lots of fun with the two instrumental breaks, where I was going for some Strokes flavor on the guitar, mixed with some general giddy hoedown dance music on the piano.  I listened to Galore, the Cure greatest-hits comp, a few times this week, and I think that seeped in somehow.

Okay, that’s gotta be the 52 Teeth record for most name-checks in a single post, so I think my work here is done.  Oh yeah…. I was using my new capo for the first time, which is why I got to sing this song in the key of A instead of G.

8 Responses to “Betcha”
  1. Today, I referenced the show I saw you do at Salon Miniscule whenever-that-was ago, when someone showed me this:

    Thought you might enjoy. You may first wish to familiarize yourself with the new phenomenon of “Chat Roulette,” though.

    I like the entrance of the vocals on this one–it almost sounds like you’re coming in with them mid-sentence, an idea that fascinates and pleases me to great extent. The initial fade-in may have something to do with this, too. It’s almost like I’m just listening to a sample of the song on the page of the song’s album, except I actually do get the whole song here!

  2. Abraham says:

    Wow, you have opened up my world. Not sure I totally understand the chat roulette universe, but that guy is quite talented, and yes, his general m.o. does seem familiar. If we ever met, I’m guessing we’d hate each other. But I enjoyed his clip. Glad you liked the song too!

  3. Will says:

    Spent a week with this one. I like it! It’s got lots of stuff goin’ on. Like the Strokesy-guitar (playin the top few strings) ; but, then bam(!) you come in with this straight-forward Americana vocal you’ve been talking about. I think Pancake Master was making an astute observation when he/she said it sounded like you’re coming in mid-sentence. Quite a nice (happy) accident? Or was it planned the whole time? Also, you neglected to mention Springsteen here. The cadence moves like his stuff. I love the aforementioned artists; but, I’m gettin’ more of Bruce’s style here.

  4. Abraham says:

    Thanks my good man. Yeah, I could see the Boss kicking out a jam like this. I’ve talked about this before, but…. keeping it simple is kind of a scary thing for me sometimes — nowhere to run, nowhere to hide, you either like it or you don’t. Glad you liked this one.

  5. Hassan Bin al-Ghruvi says:

    IMHO, the best of the blog so far. It’s all those classic influences mixed together in perfect proportions. To misquote from Petty’s “Into The Great Wide Open,” I hear a single. And that’s the way the youngsters are buying songs these days.

  6. Abraham says:

    High praise, Hassan! Thanks for that. Youngsters are still buying songs??? From the keyboard of Hassan to the ears of the divine!

  7. Philly McG says:

    Oh man Abraham, the instrumental part is tight. Money was great last week too with the Draw Your Brakes sample. You never cease to impress me, keep up the good work.

  8. Abraham says:

    Thanks my good man! It’s very helpful in making a tight arrangement if you only know four notes on the guitar!!

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