All About to Happen

A few suggested study questions to assist in your enjoyment of “All About to Happen“:

1. Is this song too callow a rip-off of Yo La Tengo’s “Autumn Sweater”?

2. What’s with the New Order/Cure fetish lately?  Isn’t {songwriter} aware that the synth-rock revival has come and gone?

3. BONUS: What is the secret connection to the Stones’ 1966 release Got Live If You Want It?

4. DOUBLE BONUS: Does any part of this song remind you of “Hey Mickey”?

14 Responses to “All About to Happen”
  1. 1) I think it’s less boring and over-long than its YLT predecessor is, myself.

    2) Would it matter if said revival was gone? By whose standards does any so-called “revival” even exist so concretely, or at very least even have definitive chronological beginning and ending points?

    3) Maybe both artists have denied the place of the work in question as part of their official catalogue? Really I have no idea, I’m curious to know where this came from.

    4) No, but just yesterday I added that song, after hearing it on the radio, to the monster-jam-list of softball pumper-upper tracks (I believe the song is called simply “Mickey” for whatever that’s worth).

  2. johnnyride says:

    i have it on good authority that the synth rock thing is on the rise again! (but the kid coulda been pullin’ my chain—i am over 40!)
    it doesn’t sound like a rip-off of autumn sweater to me, but actually it sounds more yo la tengo than cure/new order to me. i think the prominence of the organ and the lack of tension in your voice is what makes the dif.
    i give up on the stones connection, and not really on mickey.

  3. Will says:

    1.) Ok, I see your connection; but, it’s a stretch! “Autumn sweater” is deliberate, therefore, giving it a more somber feel. Whereas, “All about to happen” has movement, and thus, lifts the listener…Um, look at it this way, if I were walking down the street and these tunes were played simultaneously, my gait would change. That’s enough of a distinction for me!
    2.) Actually, I thought your current fetish was to be more straight-forward, almost Americana-style. With the exception of “Money”, which is such an aberration that it’s still got me *dizzy, the last two songs made a point of being as straight-forward as possible. Though, I see a definite New Order fetish with this one, which I wholeheartedly endorse. I’ve just re-discovered what a FANTASTIC album Technique is within the past week! *(side note: dizzy=a good kinda confusion)
    3.) I’ll get back to you on this one when I have a chance to give it a good listen…but I’m intrigued.
    4.) Well, there is the instrumental break down toward the last third of the song, at which point the drums do take a “bap bap bop, bap bap bop” kinda feel. Is that it, because if not, I’m stumped—again! (So ashamed—only Banana Grams makes me feel smaller)

  4. Will says:

    Btw, are you a fan of The Clean song ‘Anything can happen”? Random, I know;but, it’s really rather lovely…fun guitar stuff…and lyrically it reminds me of your themes…

  5. Will says:

    oopps, I mean “Anything could happen”—blame it on the booze..

  6. katiasilver says:

    I’m ignoring the study questions because that’s how I do things.

    1. It’s been a while so my witty comments might not be that impressive…

    2. I can easily imagine myself dancing to this at the Hideout on a Saturday night (at a dance party).

    3. I really like the line about the bus driver and this song feels inspirational.

    Thanks A.

  7. Abraham says:

    Yay commenters! You’re rocking the house this week. I should’ve thought of these study questions a long time ago.

    P M S: Yeah, I’ve always been out-of-sync with revivals and movements, so it’s probably worth it to stop caring about that. Nice job adding “Mickey” to the pump-up mix…. it would certainly work for me.

    JRide: Good to hear from you sir. Yes, the vocal style is probably more Ira Kaplan than Robert Smith. The New Order singing style is pretty dispassionate too though, yes?

    Will: I will have to check out that Clean tune, as well as Technique. I have only Substance, so I have lots of New Ordering still left to do. And congrats, you WON the Hey Mickey questions — all I was talking about was the breakdown. Woo hoo!

    KS: Good to have you back in da haus. And that’s terrific that you got inspiration from this one. I was feeling pretty down when I wrote it, so there ya go… the transformative power of art in action.

    I’ll wait another day or two to see if anyone gets the Stones question, and then I’ll lift the veil on it.

  8. will says:

    How ’bout a lil’ hint RE: The Stones connection before revealing the answer? I wanna get this—to boost my ego…
    Here’s a stretch though, a Wikipedia search revealed that the record was part of a contractual obligation, and 52 Teeth is sort of an agreement to give us music EVERY WEEK; yer kinda obligated…
    Ok, sorry, that was stupid…

  9. Abraham says:

    Creative attempt! Okay — here’s the clue. The TITLE of this song has something to do with that Stones album. Game on.

  10. Will says:

    Does it have anything to do with the drug busts and legal troubles that followed that period. They didn’t tour the UK for three years and it was the beginning of the end for my beloved Brian Jones. It really went from his band to belonging to Mick and Keith. There was a definite pole-shift with the band.
    OK, I’m done. That’s my final answer.
    Current listening: Iggy Pop “The Idiot”

  11. Abraham says:

    Much more interesting than the actual answer, I’m afraid….

    which is….

    The hype man on the 1966 Stones tour, a fellow by the name of Long John Baldry, would introduce each show by saying, “Ladies and gentlemen, it’s all about to happen….. let’s hear it for the fabulous Rolling Stones!” So, that’s the first thing you hear on that album.

    Ta da!

    PS to P M S: I checked out The Clean, and I totally get it about that song. Thanks for hipping me to them — I will have to keep exploring.

  12. Lara says:

    I like your even voice against the excited drums in this one. But the drums aren’t enough to make me think of Mickey.
    Also, I know the answer to number 2–It’s because we just got that AWESOME Yaz album from eMusic, which we can thank Sound Opinions recent episode on synth pop for. (I hope this doesn’t embarrass you in front of your readers).
    I love this song–the bus driver line leading into the unassuming bridge melody is just beautiful. I heard you recording the vocals in your chamber, and I wasn’t expecting something like this. Kuddios!

  13. Abraham says:

    Thanks to my co-conspirator for keeping me honest. I would never be embarrassed to be outed as a Yaz fan. I’m glad you like this one. Forgot to mention that “Bastards of Young” by the Replacements was an influence here — specifically in keeping the lines of the verses short.

  14. I am not the one who recommended the Clean! Get yer props in a row!

    That #3 was a toughie. I haven’t checked these threads in several days, but even knowing the hint, I wouldn’ta gotten ‘er.

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