The Entertainer

This week’s song, “The Entertainer,” is either very funky or very square.  Considering that my arrangement is a tribute to Scritti Politti’s Cupid & Psyche ’85 (awesome video alert), it’s probably a little bit of both.  It’s definitely weird.

A few months ago, I was going through an Elvis Costello deep-listening phase.  I noticed that he’d often write a very syllable-heavy, verbose line, followed immediately by a very simple one.  I’m too tired right now to come up with any examples of this… you’ll have to take my word for it — or maybe that can be the BLOG CHALLENGE QUESTION for this week.  In any case, that’s what I’m trying to do here with the verses.

I thought I was being very clever in naming this song “The Entertainer,” and even quoting a bit of the Joplin ragtime melody in the arrangement.  Then I remembered that Billy Joel, among many esteemed others, already named a song “The Entertainer” back in ’74.  (By the way, in my next life I’ll be as funny as this kid.)  Well, at least they won’t have to “cut it down to 3:05” in my case — I say my piece in 2:09 flat!  Take that, Mr. Joel.

3 Responses to “The Entertainer”
  1. Will says:

    Well, well. well…a return to form. A DEFINITE contender for the next Baby Teeth release. Let me state that I absolutely LOVE THIS!!! Tight as a nun’s arse, as they say (who is they?). I can hear Jim and Peter all solid on this one, yo! All backing vocals and groovin’ an’ all; but, I say that with a modicum of hesitation. Though my feet are movin’,and there’s a smile a mile wide on my face, exactly, what is the direction of BT in future? As a fan looking for insight, what do YOU want from the next BT release? BT have gone out on a limb with every release (tho, I still heart the Baby Teeth Album the most; maybe for it’s youthful innocence? or MY youthful innocence upon it’s release?). With each successive record, there have been new surprises ’round every corner; totally taking chances, you boys…(so proud of you…) What artistic whims do you wish to satisfy with the next release? Is “making your fans smile and dance” enough for you, or do you need something else? It’s alright for artistic pursuit to be selfish…(ie, the BT Ole’ Opry tribute record?) What keeps the three of you coming together to do this? Um, maybe this is inappropriate for this blog. My parents were German…what do you expect?

  2. Will says:

    BTW, the above statement is in NO WAY intended to imply that “The Entertainer” was “stock BT”. It’s a groover start to finish. It ‘aint easy to write a song like that. That’s why we, the fans, love the BT’ers. Kinda seemless for you boys. Just wonderin’ what’s on the cluttered minds of Abraham, Jim, and Pete for the next installment?

  3. Abraham says:

    Yeah, I know what you mean Will. The thematic questions about the next BT album are a little too ambitious for me this morning, but this song does raise the question, Is it enough just to do what comes naturally? Eh, I dunno. Sometimes, I think that’s one’s job on earth. Other times, I think one’s job is to push the limits of what comes naturally. But this song definitely falls into the former category. And, if you were to read the lyrics as talking about the song itself, there’s a little bit of frustration with that. Glad you like it, by the way!

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