The Entertainer 2.0

Oh, thank heaven for band practice.  Last week, I was tired, Jim was sick as a dawg, and Peter was in the midst of a longstanding battle with mucous.  I trotted out last week’s blog track, “The Entertainer,” and things were going okay, but there was no lightning in the air.  Seemed like it’d be one of those days.  Then Peter said a magic word, posed as a question: “ABBA?”  That gave birth to a radical metamorphosis, which I’ve tried to capture here as “The Entertainer 2.0.”

It’s now 3:30 am at Studio 54 on a summer night in 1979.  This song is being bookended by something off of ABBA’s The Visitors (which, okay, didn’t come out til ’81, but grant me some artistic license) and some Giorgio Moroder/Donna Summer production (“I Feel Love”?).  It’s got that synth paranoia that I love so much: the eighties are coming, and our whole cocaine empire is coming down like a house of cards (or pancakes?).  It’s like any scene from the second half of that delightful Johnny Depp vehicle, Blow.  Paul Reubens is in the corner, mixing a drink and staring into the middle distance.

The “Thriller” bassline is also quoted liberally, several years in advance of its actual existence.  Again, artistic license.

P.S. For a fun party trick, feel free to play “The Entertainer” and “The Entertainer 2.0” side by side — I’ve kept the bpm’s the same.  Doesn’t sound bad!

6 Responses to “The Entertainer 2.0”
  1. Will says:

    Very nice!!! I really like the idea of these 2 (The Entertainer/2.0) back to back on a record—they compliment each other well…think The Beatles “Abby Road.” Love the falsetto delivery and the long synth lines—quite effective against the busy bassline. Totally a cousin of “I Feel Love”, one of my all time favs! There is something eerie about them. They make me wanna dance; but, there’s this weird kinda desperation there as well (the 80’s right around the corner?) A suggestion: would you be opposed to including the lyrics with these tunes? They’re not always easy to decipher, especially on a song like this; yet, I feel that being able to read along would help in the enjoyment and understanding of the tunes. I’ve always been a fan of being able to read the lyrics, particularly during the first few listens. It gives a deeper perspective. Also, I’m hearing a harmony in the lower registers during the outro chorus…(?) Definite album material here!!! You’ve been all over the stylistic map since I’ve returned to 52 Teeth. Love it!

  2. Will says:

    BTW, I’ve decided to go back and give a listen to some cuts that I have missed and I must say that “Little Liberties” is a TOTAL WINNER!!! Perhaps my dark horse fav so far.
    Current listening: The Specials, “Nite Klub” I’m on a two-tone bender lately, you a fan?

  3. Abraham says:

    Thanks as always for your fine insights Will. Yeah, I was thinking of doing some harmonies on the chorus but ran out of time. As for the idea of adding lyrics — I’ll think about it. I wrote these in about five minutes, so I’m not sure if they’re worth the server space in the digital cloud, but it’s a good idea to consider down the line. Thanks for the shout-out on Little Liberties too! And, no, I’m woefully ignorant on the Specials, but I’ve always meant to resolve that!

  4. Peter says:

    Nice vocal effects on this. Sounds like Elmo and Olivia Newton John had a baby. I like this version better than the last version. Definitely hearing some BGVs going in at some point.
    I enjoy the notes for this song too. Especially the part about Paul Reubens making a drink in the corner. That’d be awesome.

  5. Will says:

    OK, we must remedy this situation—ASAP. Youtube “Nite Klub” immediately. I see it as a distant cousin to “Diaghalev Was Right”!!!!
    IMHO, The Specials were perhaps THE most under appreciated band of the late ’70’s. Well, maybe that’s a STRETCH; but, DEFINITELY worth checking into. Of course, I’m a big fan of the whole Ska/Rocksteady/Northern Soul/Skinhead thing, so I’m a lil’ biased:) So much good Soul and Reggae it makes me wanna cry blue tears! Rude Boy Baby Teeth fans…who woulda thunk it? BTW, glad to see Peter comment on this…I wanna hear it over and over again—perhaps on the next record? ❤

  6. Abraham says:

    Thanks for the juice, dudes.

    PA: Yes, background vox are a must. We will discuss further….

    Will: I checked out “Nite Klub” — live and studio versions. Pretty good. Good enough to make me wanna hear more. And I know the Specials were part of the same macro-movement that gave us Elvis Costello and the Clash, so, that can’t be bad. Another group on my exploration list is the English Beat.

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