Re:sound Theme

I chime in this week with the shortest sonic blast in 52 Teeth history: my 10-second “bumper” theme song that will play before my submissions to Re:sound on Chicago Public Radio.  Here, in gloriously hi-fidelitous AIFF format, is my “Re:sound Theme“.

Lyrics: “It’s Abraham’s Re:sound song / It’s the Re:sound wrap-up song.”  (Perhaps a tip of the hat to my all-time favorite theme song, the theme to “It’s Garry Shandling’s Show.”)  Re:sound is an hourlong show that runs on WBEZ on Saturdays at 1pm and Sundays at 9pm.  They run some amazing audio documentary work.  I have the awesome good fortune of getting to contribute songs, on a semi-regular basis, that summarize the content that’s been running in the preceding hour.  My first attempt will air this coming Saturday, May 29th, so please tune in if you can.  They’re also going to run a little profile of me that I’m suspecting will be humorous.  Here’s the Re:sound website. Very cool people, and wicked smaht too.

My beloved audio nerds might notice that my vocals sound a little better this week.  I finally broke down and bought an audio interface for my Garageband activity, so I can use my condenser mic again.  I was surprised to find that I was still able to sound like a human.  Sort of.

On an unrelated note, Betty White was absolutely KILLER on Saturday Night Live.  Watch it on Hulu if you haven’t done so already.  I’ve always been teased about my Golden Girls obsession, and I’ve been feeling validated by all the props B.W. has been getting lately.  If only Bea Arthur were alive to share in the golden glow….

4 Responses to “Re:sound Theme”
  1. Hah hah! I love it. Sounds like an awesome/perfect job for you to do, too.

  2. Abraham says:

    Thanks P M S.

  3. Brilliant! Way to melisma that “aw” in “song” all the way home. And nice harmony, too. The “Shaft” hi-hat is an always-welcome guest at the party.

    I couldn’t ask for more in 10 seconds.

  4. Abraham says:

    Thank you Skipwave! Yes, that Garageband drum loop really brings it home, wailing on that hi-hat!

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