Deliverance Day

Like Bryan Adams, I’m asking you to “please forgive me” in my delinquency this week.  With the holiday weekend, I completely forgot that Monday morning had come and gone without a new post.  I hope my negligence didn’t spoil your Memorial Day.  With or without a new song, veggie dogs still taste weird, right?

I’m posting “Deliverance Day“, my first full-length song for Re:sound on Chicago Public Radio.  (The episode aired this past weekend.)  Because my job was to write a song that summarized the content of the show, the lyrics will not make a corn-pickin’ lick of sense unless you listen to the show itself. Which I’d recommend, because it’s a great show.  But I hope you’ll be able to enjoy it either way.  (Incidentally, there’s also a profile of yours truly that starts around the 40-minute mark.)

The show collected a bunch of “Chicago Sound Drops,” i.e., short audio pieces about the city submitted by different (mostly local) producers.  I thought the “Sound Drops” sounded like a long-lost doo-wop group, so the genre kind of chose itself.

For the first time, I attempted to mic my upright piano — I dangled an SM57 behind it and just let ‘er rip.  There are probably more sophisticated ways of skinning a cat, but it was fun, relatively quick, and I didn’t break anything.  A good day at the office by my standard.

2 Responses to “Deliverance Day”
  1. Will says:

    Guess I’m a few weeks late on this one. FANTASTIC!!! If you didn’t get that, FANTASTIC!!! Though I did hear the show, which puts a bit of context into the theme of the music and lyrics, this is one for the ages either way. This one raises the bar on all counts. Lyrically it is simply beautiful. In my mind I’m perched around the kitchen table with my aged relatives looking at photographs and listening to their stories of the old days. Though in their 70’s, they STILL suffer the same sense of heartbreak for the Cubs as any 12 year old does. Musically, it’s just lovely…you really captured the essence of what you heard in your heart and made it HAPPEN with this one. Of course, I could be all wrong about what YOU wanted from this; but, if I am, we’ll celebrate anyway. Also, GREAT vocal emotion going on! Raw and real…I want this one played at my funeral.

  2. Abraham says:

    Wow — thanks so much my man! I think I was excited to write something that I knew a lot of people would end up hearing. Glad you dug it. It turned out more serious in tone than I’d thought it would… but I’m not complaining.

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