“BOSS” is here!!!

In perfect harmony with the upcoming Chicago mayoral election, Baby Teeth brings you “BOSS”, a digital EP that you can download for FREE right here.

For this album, Baby Teeth took a band challenge. Each of the three of us wrote and recorded a song at home, without sharing it with one another. The catch? Each song had to be titled “BOSS”…. a tribute(?) to our soon-to-be-departed Da Mare, Richard M. Daley. We relaxed the titular specificity a bit at the very end, allowing for “Good Old Boss” (from Abraham), “You’re Not the Boss of Me” (from Jim), and “Boss Man” (from Peter).

Kicking off the EP are a couple full-band tracks that maintain the theme of labor relations: the Baby Teeth original “Happy Secretary’s Day,” and a cover of the Springsteen chestnut “Factory.”

We hope you think our latest release is totally BOSS.  We’ve gotten some nice shout-outs from Said the Gramophone (on January 21st), Veoba, Coudal, and Outside the Loop Radio.  Thanks everyone!

Now, go download your very own free BOSS!!!

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