World of Nothing

Yes, friends, I’m emerging from winter hibernation for the purpose of delivering some nihilistic bedroom garage-pop, “World of Nothing”.  I was aiming for something in the vein of the Velvet Underground’s White Light/White Heat.  When I was finished I thought the end result wasn’t grimy enough.  And I still think that.  But…. after listening to the VU record again, I started thinking about how much ’50s rock influence was behind it.  “White Light/White Heat” could’ve been a Jerry Lee Lewis song.  So then I felt better, since a lot of “World of Nothing” is just yer basic blues/rockabilly form.

In the recording process, I was trying to use digital technology (I just got Logic Express… woo hoo) to simulate an analog, four-track-cassette-recorder kind of sound.  It’s amazing how sophisticated distortion simulators have gotten.  Particularly with the bass on this recording, I was pleased with how authentically fried-out it sounded.  In the spirit of my own history with four-track recorders, I opted for no drums (or drum machines).  Back when I was doing solo shows with backing tracks at the Hideout in 2004-05, I wouldn’t put any kind of percussion on the tracks, except maybe hand claps or maracas.  This helped me feel like more of a weirdo.

Hope this provides you with some good headbanging in your cubicles.  Let me know what you think.

4 Responses to “World of Nothing”
  1. What do you use for distortion (name of plug-in/simulator)? I agree that stuff is getting good. My Pro Tools has the stand-by Sans Amp and also something called “Eleven Free.” I will have some tracks to play you in a few months (I’ve got five done and will complete at least 10). It’s basement time for me ’til fall. Anyway, nice job. I think you should have added wild, distorted drums…just for the fadeout (last few seconds). I like the insistent sharp-nines.

  2. Abraham says:

    Hey there B Berk — thanks for the great feedback. All the distorto effects were proprietary Logic Express items, so… I’m guessing it wouldn’t do you much good to hear their names. (Besides, I’m too lazy at the moment to connect my hard drive, etc.) Let’s hear some new tracks! Winter home recording is unbeatable. And yeah, the truth is that I didn’t add drums because I ran out of time. I agree with you about crazy drums during the fade-out…. definitely the right choice.

    The sharp-nine chord I learned years ago during the Summer of Love at the feet of Jimi Hendrix. Never forgot it. Although oddly I can’t remember anything else from that summer…

  3. phillymcg says:

    Tight business Abe!

  4. Abraham says:

    Much appreciated, P McG.

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