“White Tonight” Record Release Show — Friday March 2nd!

In the melodramatic vein of LCD Soundsystem’s “Losing My Edge,” Sloan’s “Fading Into Obscurity,” and Gloria Swanson in Sunset Blvd., Baby Teeth present their new LP White Tonight, a look into growing old(er) ungracefully in indie rock.  The band celebrates with a headlining slot at Schubas, Friday March 2nd, joined by Outer Minds and Bobby Conn.

White Tonight is the fourth full-length album for Baby Teeth, following 2009’s acclaimed Hustle Beach, of which Pitchfork raved, “Integration of the FM era’s most outre top 40 stuff, from glam to power pop, bandannaed cock-rock and New Romanticism, shouldn’t come this easy, or sound this good.”  White Tonight deepens the palette, from the Gary Numan synth thrills of opener “New Milk” and closer “Paul,” through the Bee Gees euphoria of the title track, to the Bowie/Nilsson balladry of “Undefeated” and “Cocaine Again.”

Lyrically, we’re in Baby Teeth’s familiar land of domestic agitation.  The opening lyrics of “New Milk” — “Used to mess with coke a lot / And now my kids get all I got” — set the tone.  The narrator struggles to make sense of the comforts and concessions of early middle age, culminating with the epic chorus of “Cocaine Again”: “I don’t ever wanna know when / I’d have to say that I would never do / cocaine again.”  Songwriter Abraham Levitan is in vintage form, balancing wicked humor and attention to life’s little tragedies.  (He also wrote this press release.)

With White Tonight, Levitan (Shame That Tune, WBEZ’s Re:sound), bassist Jim Cooper (Detholz!, Bobby Conn, Van Dyke Parks, Daniel Knox, Ami Saraiya), and drummer Peter Andreadis (All City Affairs, Troy Puma) show why Baby Teeth remain Chicago’s most iconoclastic power trio.

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