Baby Teeth’s Final Show: The Last Schmaltz

After a decade of service to the international light-rock community, Baby Teeth are hanging up their golf shoes, as bassist Jim Cooper relocates to LA to pursue a new career as a film composer.

But first, they’ll drive the ol’ Lamborghini Countach off the cliff in one more blaze of glory. In other words, one epic night of music, laughs, and sobs: The Last Schmaltz. Join the band and a bevy of guest stars as they power through classics from their four LPs, plus all the covers you’ve ever dreamed of hearing them play.  The show takes place Friday, July 20th, at Lincoln Hall.

In the noble American tradition of The Band’s Last Waltz, Baby Teeth will be joined throughout the evening by some very special guests: Bobby Conn & Monica Bou Bou, Devin Davis, Jeanine O’Toole (1900’s), Jason Narducy (Bob Mould Band, Robert Pollard), Judson Claiborne, Nate Lepine (Cursive), Brian Costello (Outer Minds), Johnny Iguana (Oh My God, Junior Wells), Karl Doerfer (Detholz!), Stein-o-Mite (a.k.a. Jon Steinmeier, Detholz!, Bobby Conn), Andra Kulans (1900’s), Lara Levitan & Katie Kosinski, and Ollie Davidson.

The evening will include a screening of all four Baby Teeth videos (including a new one), as well as covers from, among others, Todd Rundgren, Lou Reed, the Monkees, ABBA, and Frank Sinatra.  No schmaltz will be held back — this will be a midsummer night of sentimentality, comedy, and (we’re just guessing here) a power ballad or two.

4 Responses to “Baby Teeth’s Final Show: The Last Schmaltz”
  1. DANG! I guess it was destiny for me never to see Baby Teeth live in concert: Alas! I am performing a concert of my own, 300 miles away, on that same day. All my best, and someday I promise to be un-broke enough to buy all of those newer albums (like the last….two and a half? I guess?) that I never got, too. Sheesh, I sound like a real poser!…anyway, sounds like a heck of a lineup (Levitan & Kosinski!). I opened for Bobby Conn here in STL recently and told him to say hello if he saw’d ya. In case he didn’t, though, here’s a world wide web-u-net hello (and goodbye?) from 300 miles away.

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  1. […] attended the final show of his band, baby teeth, earlier this summer.  that evening, dubbed “the last schmaltz,” featured two exuberant sets from baby teeth (including a ton of excellent guest musicians), […]

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