Little Liberties

On Friday night, Lara and I got to see Allen Toussaint play — the first time I’d seen him perform solo.  He was phenomenal, and his set list was lighter on cheese, and heavier on ’70s deep-cut masterpieces, than when we saw him last year with his full band. At both shows, he closed with … Continue reading

Fortune Teller

I have no idea what “Fortune Teller” is about, but I’ve always believed that the writer of a song is not necessarily the best equipped to divine its meaning.  Here are some theories about its secret subject: 1. Toni Preckwinkle (winner of the Democratic primary for Cook County Board president, and almost certain to win … Continue reading

Indian River

One thing I’ll always have a soft spot for is good old Southern rock. Growing up in Kentucky, I sometimes thought that Southern rock was the only rock there was. Classic-rock radio programming, after all, is a regional affair, and in Louisville, the Allman Brothers and Skynyrd were the big bad dogs on the block. … Continue reading

Hustle Beach

Here are some facts either directly or loosely connected to this week’s song, “Hustle Beach“: 1. Thanks to my pal Ron Warner, this track represents my boldest step yet into the world of MIDI recording, in which you record not sounds, but rather data that you can manipulate to your heart’s content as the days … Continue reading

All That I Can Do

I begin this week’s entry with another reference to Bob Marley, which is weird because I don’t usually think about him, and yet somehow in the context of this blog, I do. A few weeks ago, I wrote that, if I had to cover one Bob Marley hit, it would be “Redemption Song.” Well, the … Continue reading