His Songs Were Good

It’s retro week here at 52 Teeth.  This new recording, “His Songs Were Good”, showcases a song that I wrote a long time ago.  Maybe 1998.  Remember Lewinsky, the blue dress, etc.?  Around that time.  The lyrics are a true story about someone I knew back in high school who was an extraordinary songwriter — … Continue reading

Life Is Wide

This week’s song, “Life Is Wide,” is a good hardworking song, not trying to get uppity or too big for its britches.  The title is a nod to Big Star’s “Life Is White.”  (Yes, that’s two Big Star shout-outs in two weeks.)  Don’t know how much the two songs have in common, aside from inscrutable … Continue reading


Don’t be fooled by the misleading title of this week’s post, “#12.” It is no more and no less than the fifty-second song posted to this blog! School’s out for summer, my friends! As Kanye might say, “Welcome to graduation.” As my loyal readers — both of you — probably know, my enthusiasm for this … Continue reading

The Part You Play

Greetings dudes, and sorry for the late post. Here’s a new song for you, tentatively titled “The Part You Play.” Lyrically, it falls well within my recurring motif of songs about showbiz/Hollywood/actresses (viz. “Celebrity Wedding,” “End of Actress,” “Bad Weather”). The opening couplet, a reworking of the opening line of “You’re So Vain,” was inspired … Continue reading

Dripping Candle

Happy Cinco de Mayo one and all on a sterling spring day here in Chicago, U.S.A. Baby Teeth just got back yesterday from a super-fun romp through the East Coast, so we will be looking back into the vault for this week’s submission, “Dripping Candle,” a track that yet again shatters pre-existing 52 Teeth records … Continue reading


As some of you may know, Chicago has been assaulted by potholes this winter. They’ve hit me pretty hard — not too long ago, Lara and I drove over one and instantly got a flat tire, and then, a week later, I drove over another one that simultaneously knocked my rear-view mirror out of its … Continue reading

And If You’re My Master

One of my favorite Rolling Stones songs has always been “I Just Wanna See His Face” from Exile on Main Street. For most of the song, there are no real lyrics, just a swirl of atmospheric voodoo (a production aesthetic nicked from the great Dr. John album, Gris-Gris, which had come out a few years … Continue reading

Lie Detection

Anyone remember (from a few months back) my tale of writing two songs at once, one of them taking hours of blood, sweat, and melodrama, and the other being tossed off in fifteen minutes? Hey, is this thing on?  Well, just as a refresher: The first song (the one that took all that time) was … Continue reading

Line Check

Here is a song called “Line Check“, which seems to me now like it’s about impatience. Seeking the goal too quickly and not watching the scenery. It’s a couple years old and was not too much of a hit with Baby Teeth, largely because its parts don’t really hang together. But then again, the members … Continue reading

Fool for You

OK, by popular demand, I am posting a cover this week: my version of “Fool for You“, by Chicago’s own Curtis Mayfield and the Impressions. I whipped this up in October of last year in advance of the wedding of our friends Jocelyn and Erik, who were kind enough to fly Baby Teeth out to … Continue reading