New Milk

This week’s track, “New Milk,” revisits the character who sang “Big Schools” on the recent Baby Teeth album, Hustle Beach.  Because Big Schools is often reduced to “BS” on Baby Teeth setlists, let’s call this character B.S. Lewis.  Mr. Lewis is a guy who can’t stop thinking about his glory days — he’s drifting through an … Continue reading

Hustle Beach

Here are some facts either directly or loosely connected to this week’s song, “Hustle Beach“: 1. Thanks to my pal Ron Warner, this track represents my boldest step yet into the world of MIDI recording, in which you record not sounds, but rather data that you can manipulate to your heart’s content as the days … Continue reading

I Do Little Things

This week’s tune, “I Do Little Things“, forms part of a continuing series of the word becoming the flesh, i.e., a song’s title unintentionally informing the recording process. In this case, it was for the good. I had some time this week for a change, and also, I was working here with a relatively simple … Continue reading

I tried to figure you out

It’s funny…. when things are going well in a creative endeavor, you can work instinctively, intuitively, with your more cerebral side put out to pasture. When things are going badly, there are no instincts — it’s all cerebral. It feels like nails on a chalkboard, or like a robot trying to pick out a bouquet … Continue reading