Record Company Man

This week brings us Part Two of our Pearly Sweets and the Platonics retrospective. At this point, the band was relocated to Chicago, and the lineup now featured Lance “Chance” Fabuloso (né Carl Lowendorf) on guitar, Stave Davidson (né Ben Schultz) on bass, and the ever-steady Brian Bosworth (né Brian Bosworth) on drums. “Record Company … Continue reading

I Wanna Marry You

Consider this week’s post, “I Wanna Marry You,” part two of my E Street Band study project, part one being last week’s track, “Big Schools.” While “Big Schools” was an original in the style of Springsteen, this song is fully a cover, one of my favorite songs from one of my favorite albums, The River. … Continue reading

Big Schools

Depending on which generation you more strongly identify with, you’ll consider “Big Schools” a colossal rip-off of either Bruce Springsteen or the Hold Steady. Where do I stand? Well, as much as I love the Boss, I think this song bites the Hold Steady (particularly last year’s phenomenal “Stuck Between Stations”) even harder. That being … Continue reading

Hard to Find a Friend

To continue my trite pattern of opening each post with a reference to the song title, it’s hard to find the influence for this week’s song, “Hard to Find a Friend“. It’s kind of either everyone or no one. I’ve been writing songs in this vein since I was about thirteen, and I don’t think … Continue reading