Wild Fences

I had sixty minutes today to write and record “Wild Fences“.  Some weeks are just like that.  In fact, I was on my way to writing an apology post, letting you all know that I’d work harder next week.  But then I got kind of excited by the idea of having to churn out product … Continue reading

Angry Young Machines

This week’s song, “Angry Young Machines,” was inspired by a trip to the Art Institute that Lara and I took over the holidays.  We checked out the new Modern Wing, which was beautiful.  Some of the best real estate in the wing is the stairwell landings.  Each landing frames a sculpture against a choice view … Continue reading


Last weekend, Lara awoke with a melody in her head that would not leave her alone. It was very catchy… dangerously so. Too dangerous to reveal here. The words were, “I’m not crazy / something something something / I’m just obsessed with you.” Anyway, we were sitting around toying with that melody, stretching it out, … Continue reading