99¢ Ice

For this special Memorial Day post, we are taking it way back to the winter of 1994, when a legendary blizzard resulted in two weeks off of school for the lucky teens of Louisville. My first band, Mayhem Maybe (previously mentioned in the “Indian River” post), used this blip of found time to record our … Continue reading

Dripping Candle

Happy Cinco de Mayo one and all on a sterling spring day here in Chicago, U.S.A. Baby Teeth just got back yesterday from a super-fun romp through the East Coast, so we will be looking back into the vault for this week’s submission, “Dripping Candle,” a track that yet again shatters pre-existing 52 Teeth records … Continue reading

Steve and George

This week’s song, “Steve and George“, has been running through my head for months now, and while this version is probably not definitive, it at least gets the song out in some form. I initially perceived it as a grand, hyper-produced affair, but due to time limitations, it became what we in the biz call … Continue reading