Cereal and Beer (for Barack)

The other morning I had a strange dream about Barack Obama.  I was watching him do an interview on CNN.  Suddenly, the footage began slowing down drastically, and instead of talking, he began to sing, in a slow, deep voice that suggested the ingestion of lots of codeine.  The lyrics were full of plaintive regret … Continue reading

Record Company Man

This week brings us Part Two of our Pearly Sweets and the Platonics retrospective. At this point, the band was relocated to Chicago, and the lineup now featured Lance “Chance” Fabuloso (né Carl Lowendorf) on guitar, Stave Davidson (né Ben Schultz) on bass, and the ever-steady Brian Bosworth (né Brian Bosworth) on drums. “Record Company … Continue reading

Hot Potato Jr.

This week we hop back into the Delorean and travel to the year 1999, where we find my college band, Pearly Sweets and the Platonics, diligently recording our full-length album, Pick Yourself Up. In order to give the album a manly total of fifteen tracks, I supplement the full-band tracks with a few piano-and-vocal numbers. … Continue reading

The Organ-Grinder

I really do crack myself up sometimes. I go and start this blog, announcing to all comers that I plan to post a new song every week, while I conveniently forget that, for weeks at a time, I avoid home-recording like the plague, considering it the last way I’d choose to spend my free time. … Continue reading

Please Me

This week’s submission has a some history behind it. Last summer, way back in ’06, Bobby Conn, booking agent Derek Becker, producer Blue Hawaii, Detholz!’s Karl Doerfer and I started having weekly meetings, with the intent of starting our own mp3 record label. We’d exist as a modern-day Brill Building or Tin Pan Alley or … Continue reading