Don’t be fooled by the misleading title of this week’s post, “#12.” It is no more and no less than the fifty-second song posted to this blog! School’s out for summer, my friends! As Kanye might say, “Welcome to graduation.” As my loyal readers — both of you — probably know, my enthusiasm for this … Continue reading

Hot Potato Jr.

This week we hop back into the Delorean and travel to the year 1999, where we find my college band, Pearly Sweets and the Platonics, diligently recording our full-length album, Pick Yourself Up. In order to give the album a manly total of fifteen tracks, I supplement the full-band tracks with a few piano-and-vocal numbers. … Continue reading

Hard to Find a Friend

To continue my trite pattern of opening each post with a reference to the song title, it’s hard to find the influence for this week’s song, “Hard to Find a Friend“. It’s kind of either everyone or no one. I’ve been writing songs in this vein since I was about thirteen, and I don’t think … Continue reading