The Part You Play

Greetings dudes, and sorry for the late post. Here’s a new song for you, tentatively titled “The Part You Play.” Lyrically, it falls well within my recurring motif of songs about showbiz/Hollywood/actresses (viz. “Celebrity Wedding,” “End of Actress,” “Bad Weather”). The opening couplet, a reworking of the opening line of “You’re So Vain,” was inspired … Continue reading


On this blog, I’ve gone through my share of unintentionally predictive titles. This week brings my first counterintuitive one. I feel sort of reinvigorated, it being the new year and all, and very present as far as this blog is concerned. So then, “A.W.O.L.” is a little misleading, right? I don’t feel truly at risk … Continue reading

Bass Is High

This week’s effort, “Bass Is High“, will be heard by some of you as a summer wipeout, a midsummer night’s scream, a palette cleanser. But not like lemon sorbet would be a palette cleanser… more like a handful of dirt. To understand this song properly, however, you must hear it as a tribute to Baby … Continue reading