All About to Happen

A few suggested study questions to assist in your enjoyment of “All About to Happen“: 1. Is this song too callow a rip-off of Yo La Tengo’s “Autumn Sweater”? 2. What’s with the New Order/Cure fetish lately?  Isn’t {songwriter} aware that the synth-rock revival has come and gone? 3. BONUS: What is the secret connection … Continue reading

Free Pass #1

Hello 52 Teeth Nation — With prodigious sobs and self-deprecating shudders, I hereby announce my failure to carve out recording time this week.  I have learned a powerful lesson, which is the following: Do not expect to get anything done if you plan on doing it after work on Sunday night, before you go to … Continue reading

Slave to Efficiency

Gentle reader, this post shall not tarry in any way, for I am fatigued. Here is a new song called “Slave to Efficiency“. It’s another “work song”, in the style of “Hustle Beach”, dealing with the chutes and ladders of the obsession with labor. I opted for an industrial-lite sound that I hope takes you … Continue reading

Show Me

Here’s a holiday treat for one and all: a video. Yes, that’s right! It’s like a song, but with moving pictures. You might know it as a “movie” or a “talkie”. Appropriately, I’m covering a song called “Show Me”, by the great Joe Tex, Mr. Skinny-Legs-and-All himself. This video was recorded last July, when I … Continue reading

Steve and George

This week’s song, “Steve and George“, has been running through my head for months now, and while this version is probably not definitive, it at least gets the song out in some form. I initially perceived it as a grand, hyper-produced affair, but due to time limitations, it became what we in the biz call … Continue reading

I Hope She Won’t Let Me

“I Hope She Won’t Let Me” is my attempt to put my own twist on a classic form: the 6/8 laid-back soul number. The 6/8 time signature (for all you non-musicians, this means six quick beats per measure) has always been controversial within Baby Teeth, since Jim has consistently advocated against our performing anything in … Continue reading

Child Actor

I see this song as a cousin to a song on the Baby Teeth EP “For the Heathers” called “Heather via PS”. Both songs are about formerly glamorous characters who now find themselves in the ol’ hospital bed. In “Heather Via PS”, it’s the junkie girlfriend, but in “Child Actor,” it’s you, the protagonist, the … Continue reading

Let It Roll

Hello and welcome one and all to the first weekly mp3 blog post from your friends in Baby Teeth. Here’s a new song I’ve been messing with called “Let It Roll.” It was initially inspired by Neil Young who, upon hearing George W. Bush’s post-9/11 call to arms, churned out a nationalistic piece of crap … Continue reading