I Wanna Marry You

Consider this week’s post, “I Wanna Marry You,” part two of my E Street Band study project, part one being last week’s track, “Big Schools.” While “Big Schools” was an original in the style of Springsteen, this song is fully a cover, one of my favorite songs from one of my favorite albums, The River. … Continue reading

Big Schools

Depending on which generation you more strongly identify with, you’ll consider “Big Schools” a colossal rip-off of either Bruce Springsteen or the Hold Steady. Where do I stand? Well, as much as I love the Boss, I think this song bites the Hold Steady (particularly last year’s phenomenal “Stuck Between Stations”) even harder. That being … Continue reading

Alison Lay Down

This week’s post, “Alison Lay Down,” was lots of fun to make. Whether it’s any good is up to you to report. (And I’m not fishing for compliments, incidentally… honesty will do just fine!) It’s basically just a tribute to all of my old soul heroes, whom you could list off as well as I, … Continue reading

I Need Love

As my regular readers are well aware, I have spent the last few weeks attempting to gravitate closer and closer toward the world of mainstream top-40 radio in my own work. This week, I take that experience to its logical extreme, directly covering a smash hit, albeit a smash hit from 1987 — L.L. Cool … Continue reading


As some of you may know, Chicago has been assaulted by potholes this winter. They’ve hit me pretty hard — not too long ago, Lara and I drove over one and instantly got a flat tire, and then, a week later, I drove over another one that simultaneously knocked my rear-view mirror out of its … Continue reading