Deliverance Day

Like Bryan Adams, I’m asking you to “please forgive me” in my delinquency this week.  With the holiday weekend, I completely forgot that Monday morning had come and gone without a new post.  I hope my negligence didn’t spoil your Memorial Day.  With or without a new song, veggie dogs still taste weird, right? I’m … Continue reading

Re:sound Theme

I chime in this week with the shortest sonic blast in 52 Teeth history: my 10-second “bumper” theme song that will play before my submissions to Re:sound on Chicago Public Radio.  Here, in gloriously hi-fidelitous AIFF format, is my “Re:sound Theme“. Lyrics: “It’s Abraham’s Re:sound song / It’s the Re:sound wrap-up song.”  (Perhaps a tip … Continue reading

Too Hot to Rock

Something in the air today made me want to make some STOOPID electro-rock, so here is this week’s entry, “Too Hot to Rock.”  Lara asked me if this was meant as a tribute to LCD Soundsystem.  Hm…. well, maybe so.  I can’t say that I’m a devoted fan or anything, but I did enjoy the … Continue reading

Shame That Tune

Here’s my first attempt at writing a theme song for my new game show, “Shame That Tune“, which debuts on Friday June 11th, at the Hideout, here in Chicago USA.  The concept of the show, which will be co-hosted by the irrepressible Brian Costello, is as follows: Three contestants, one by one, tell a quick, … Continue reading

Depression Jig

With this week’s jaunty number, “Depression Jig,” 52 Teeth is goin’ country, y’all.  I woke up on Saturday morning with the Stones song “Dead Flowers” in my head.  Mick’s reference to “makin’ bets on Kentucky Derby day” makes it an anthem back in my home state, and here it was, at long last, the first … Continue reading