Indian River

One thing I’ll always have a soft spot for is good old Southern rock. Growing up in Kentucky, I sometimes thought that Southern rock was the only rock there was. Classic-rock radio programming, after all, is a regional affair, and in Louisville, the Allman Brothers and Skynyrd were the big bad dogs on the block. … Continue reading

And If You’re My Master

One of my favorite Rolling Stones songs has always been “I Just Wanna See His Face” from Exile on Main Street. For most of the song, there are no real lyrics, just a swirl of atmospheric voodoo (a production aesthetic nicked from the great Dr. John album, Gris-Gris, which had come out a few years … Continue reading


On this blog, I’ve gone through my share of unintentionally predictive titles. This week brings my first counterintuitive one. I feel sort of reinvigorated, it being the new year and all, and very present as far as this blog is concerned. So then, “A.W.O.L.” is a little misleading, right? I don’t feel truly at risk … Continue reading

Kill You

Happy new year one and all! OK, so it looks like I will meet my deadline (of posting sometime on Monday) according to Central time, but not Eastern. So, many apologies to my good friends on the Right Coast…. surely you must regard me as a supreme cad! This week’s selection, “Kill You“, is old … Continue reading

I should have left a note.

Gentle reader, I wanted to take this holiday opportunity to tell you that everything is fine, just fine.  I miss you terribly and have not forgotten about our special relationship.  Baby Teeth have been on the road a bit, plus I’ve been spending some time with the family, buying a new mattress, and generally doing … Continue reading